I are very excited to be sharing an exclusive first look at some of the amazing new dresses headlining the new Sassi Holford Twenty17 collection. The eagerly anticipated ‘Twenty17’ Collection from Sassi Holford was officially launched at White Gallery in London earlier this year.  Sassi’s gowns are truly beautiful. Mixing stunning silhouettes and high fashion pieces the collection is full of the prettiest shades and most wonderful fabrics.

The theme for the ‘Twenty17’ collection is especially close to Sassi’s heart, as it is dedicated to her mother, who sadly lost a brief battle with cancer at the beginning of the year.

“My mum loved everything different and unusual – she was truly one of a kind. I wanted to reflect her in some way within the collection, so themed it around her favourite flowers and she loved lilies and exotic looking plants and leaves. She was and always will be my biggest creative influence”.

35 years since making her first gown, Sassi Holford is now a leading international designer with numerous awards and accolades under her belt.

Sassi’s most recent ‘Twenty17’ Collection, has been dubbed ‘fierce’ and ‘fashion forward’. The gowns exquisitely showcase Sassi’s expertise for creating unique, stylish gowns with exciting fabric combinations whilst emphasising the bride’s natural beauty and shape.  The collection encompasses beautiful fitted fishtails such as Astrid, stunning blush tones, beautiful fabrics, statement belts, 2 pieces and stretch column skirts such as Honor.

All Sassi Holford gowns are expertly crafted in the South West of England by a dedicated team of pattern cutters, sewers and hand finishers.  Visit my Sassi Halford page to see what styles you can try.  To book an appointment in your own exclusive boutique, call me on 01200 538988 or email hello@kimberleyannebridalboutique.com xxx